Top 3 Tips to Know Before Applying Venetian Plaster

venetian plaster

If you know anything about decorative arts, you’ve heard of Venetian plaster. Especially popular in high-end homes, Venetian plaster is a faux finish that gives your wall a marbleizing effect – when applied properly.

Have you ever tried your hand at a do-it-yourself home improvement project? If so, you know there’s a learning curve, and maybe a trick or two you wish you’d known before hand. Instead of making a Top 3 Mistakes When Applying Venetian Plaster, we’d like to help you get ahead of the game.

Top 3 Tips to Know Before Applying Venetian Plaster

1. Venetian Plaster Requires a Clean Surface

Sound obvious? When was the last time you cleaned your walls?

It’s easy to guffaw at this common mistake, but removing dust, grime and goodness knows what else from your walls is often overlooked. You may look at your wall and think, “Eh? How dirty can a wall be?” Take the time to clean it before you apply marble plaster, no matter how dust-free it looks.

Don’t forget to prime!

Apart from the wall wipe down, cleaning your surface also includes applying a minimum of one coat Setcoat. Allow your bonding coat to dry overnight. It’ll make the Venetian plaster apply smoothly and last ten times as long.

2. Apply Venetian Plaster with the Right Trowel

Venetian plaster can be tricky to apply, especially without the proper tools. It is supposed to be applied in thin, even layers. For best results, use a thin, flexible trowel. A thin trowel will help the plaster coat the wall evenly, bending to your even force against the flat surface.

3. A Smooth Finish Starts with the Initial Venetian Plaster Application

Don’t wait until you’re ready to polish if you’re looking for a super smooth finish. If a truly smooth finish is what you’re after, every layer needs to be applied smoothly. This will make your life a lot easier during the polishing phase.

And remember – always make a sample before you begin marbleizing your wall or furniture! Test the plaster out, make sure it’s the hue and tone you desire, and get to know its feel before you apply Venetian plaster.

venetian plaster
An ultra smooth and shiny Venetian plaster finish.

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