Top 5 Design Trends in 2017


The new year is on its way, bringing tidings of comfort and sleek, modern design.

With 15 years of experience, we’ve seen industry design trends come and go. Sometimes we love what’s in. Sometimes we wish it’d go back out. Either way, nothing is as exciting as predicting the top design trends of the year to come.

Based on our research and expertise, here is our list of top design trends in 2017.

Top Design Trends in 2017

The Modern Vintage

Have worn out furniture? Way to be ahead of the game!

Everything from redesigned antique tables to updated art deco chairs will be raging in 2017. Let’s face it. Times are tough. We can’t all afford to buy a new dinner set every year. Work with what you’ve got! Refinishing, reupholstering, and repurposing are in.


The Nook

Open-space living may still be enjoying its time in the sun, but more people are craving the comfort of the nook.



Experts at Houstonia claim escapism is coming for dealing with digital devices. But let’s be real. What’s more comfy and cozy than curling up with your smartphone?

A Natural Touch

Perhaps in the effort to feel de-digitized, all aspects of design are heading back to nature. We’re talking earthy hues, the warmth of terracotta tiles, wooden bedframes, and molding stained in natural colors.


Metals and Gilding

While copper and cheap-looking brass is out, rougher metals are swooping in. Silver and nickel create a more industrial look, harkening to a more simple time.


Contrasting nicely with the slim and ultra-shiny design of technology, rougher metals add an element of strength and security to a home.

Be Jeweled

How can we be truly all natural without incorporating the sky? Inspired by the stars and the spark of life, we’ll be seeing an uptrend in ultra decorative cabinet knobs, dinnerware, and lighting fixtures. Wow. Getting back to nature feels so… romantic!


But do you know what’s really in style?

Whatever suits your fancy! It’s always fun to be inspired by new (and old) ideas. But let’s not get carried away.

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Can’t get enough? Check out this slideshow for inspiration!

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