3 Step Guide to (re)Designing Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most important social space in your home. It’s where you nourish yourself and your family. It’s where you gather your loved ones for an evening of fun. It’s as much a creative cooking space as it is a living and loving space. We’re here to help you maximize your kitchen’s enriching qualities with fabulous interior design ideas.

Pick Your Style







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Make A Color Plan!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little red here, a splash of blue there, some green over here? No! While those are all nice colors, interior design requires organization and planning. Ask yourself: what mood do I want my kitchen to have? How do I want it to make me feel? Then, you can start thinking about the colors.


Here’s how we can help you paint your kitchen in 3 steps:

  1. Choose a soft main color to create the overall mood.
  2. Pick a darker shade or another color that supports your main color.
  3. This is where you can get a little wild. Pick an accent color that adds some life and personality to the first two colors. Use it on trim, decorative ornaments, flowers, and more.

Tip: An open kitchen plan is inviting, allowing you to socialize with guests while preparing their meal. If you can’t have that, use bright colors, light wood or faux marble for counter tops, and accent your windows with plants and flowers to lighten up your space.


Add Texture

You can add texture to a kitchen in a variety of ways. You may choose chunky furniture to fill out empty space. You may want skinny metal chairs to add a futuristic taste to your space.


One of our favorite techniques is adding a decorative backsplash. A backsplash is a space behind your stove that, well, catches the backsplash of your cooking. We have ample experience in giving chefs a piece of art to watch while they wait for water to boil.


Another way to bring your kitchen to life is simply by updating and replacing cabinet knobs, pulls, and doors. Why be ordinary when there are so many options available?


We hope this post inspired you to embrace your space. Whether you want to cozy kitchen or a large, welcoming hall, you have plenty of ways to imbue it with your personality.


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